Key Yoo, Managing Director of Beckhoff Korea, © Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 2019

Tri-TEK becomes Beckhoff Korea – Beckhoff acquires long-standing distributor

Beckhoff Automation acquired its Korean distributor, Seoul-based Tri-TEK Corp., on July 1, 2019. The successful distributor is closely associated with the company for many years. As Beckhoff Korea, the experienced team, which previously focused primarily on the semiconductor and display manufacturing sectors, will provide more comprehensive support to the country’s entire high-tech market.

Tri-TEK opened in 2000 as a distributor of Beckhoff products in South Korea. Since then, the company has been particularly active and successful in the areas of semiconductor and display manufacturing. Hans Beckhoff, Managing Director of Beckhoff Automation, explains: “With Tri-TEK, we are taking over a partner with many years of experience, particularly in these two high-tech industries. With the direct presence as a Beckhoff subsidiary, the competent local team will now be able to successfully open up the large South Korean market for our PC-based control technology beyond these specialized segments. In this way, the business growth of recent years can continue in the future.”

The Managing Director of Beckhoff Korea is Key Yoo, who successfully founded Tri-TEK. This success is reflected very clearly in the ever-increasing number of employees: A total of 20 employees currently work in the areas of sales, technology, administration and marketing. Further expansion of the Beckhoff South Korea subsidiary is already planned. Key Yoo describes the advantages of officially joining Beckhoff as follows: “To increase our standing in the market, it is important for Beckhoff to be present in South Korea using its own brand name. In addition, as a Beckhoff subsidiary, we are now better equipped from a technical standpoint and can offer our customers significantly better service and support. These excellent capabilities will enable us to increasingly develop the sectors of general machine building and machine tools. The fact that Beckhoff products are known for very high quality and reliability throughout Asia helps us in this respect.”

Picture: Key Yoo, Managing Director of Beckhoff Korea, © Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 2019