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New German Full Service Agency croXXing with Broad Marketing Services Portfolio for all Industries is Ready for Customers

Guetersloh, Germany, March 05, 2015. The newly founded, full service agency croXXing, based in Guetersloh, Germany, announces that its broad marketing portfolio for successfully opening new markets to companies and service providers is now available. croXXing offers the whole gamut of efficient marketing, distribution, and PR measures based on solid market and customer analysis to successfully introduce and establish products in national and international markets. croXXing’s special focus is on supporting customers who want to enter new international markets with their products, or who plan to found companies or subsidiaries abroad. The new agency currently supports IT companies and service providers but offers its services to all industries.

Globalization makes all kinds of products and services easily accessible across the whole world for both consumers and companies. However, small and medium businesses are often hesitant to use this potential as they lack the required skills to successfully launch their products in international markets. croXXing offers exactly these skills: From the analysis of target markets and potential customers to individually tailored marketing measures and suitable PR concepts, the agency supports customers with its broad expertise.

Successfully Entering New Markets Abroad

croXXing’s service portfolio extends beyond that of a typical full service agency to help raise its customers’ degree of company and brand awareness. croXXing helps with identifying and spreading relevant content and makes all state of the art marketing tools (content marketing, blogging, social media marketing etc.) available to customers.

“When it comes to entering new markets abroad, customers face entirely new challenges,” says croXXing-founder and owner Reinhold Clausjuergens, sharing his personal experience. For example, marketing strategies that are commonly used in one country often do not work the same way in another. But Clausjuergens and his network of experts not only offer suitable concepts for international marketing, PR, and distribution. “A product launch in a different country requires knowledge about the relevant legal premises and terms”, Clausjuergens emphasizes. Thus, croXXing also supports its customers with legal issues, such as filing of patents and trademarks worldwide to protect their intellectual property and brands, providing support with the paperwork in a broad variety of languages.

Founding New Sites, Subsidiaries, or Companies Abroad

Clausjuergens realized the demand for these skills and services in many personal conversations and through his own experiences as the long-time marketing director of the German IT company SEH, an internationally operating manufacturer of hardware-based network components. Clausjuergens was significantly involved in the foundation, establishment, and supervision of SEH’s subsidiaries in Great Britain and the United States. croXXing thus possesses the relevant know how and skills to efficiently support customers with the choice of suitable sites, referring them to relevant service providers, including legal and financial services, applicable conveyance means, and recruiting staff abroad.

“Founding a company abroad requires more than the right products and services for the new market”, says Clausjuergens and adds: “Customers need to pay heed to a number of legal terms and to be able to rely on the intercultural competence of all involved employees.”

Due to Clausjuergens’ more than 25 year-long IT background, croXXing first targets IT-businesses. However, the agency offers its broad service range to customers from all industries.


About croXXing International Business Development

The full service agency and business consultancy croXXing International Business Development was founded in February 2015 by Reinhold Clausjuergens in Guetersloh, Germany. croXXing supports companies and service providers with launching, establishing, and marketing their products on national and international markets. The service portfolio includes individually tailored and extensive concepts for international marketing, distribution, and PR. croXXing’s particular focus is on the competent accompaniment and monitoring of founding new sites, subsidiaries, and companies in Germany and abroad. This includes active support with legal issues, recruiting suitable staff and service providers, analysis of the potential customer base, and the establishment of distribution channels. croXXing’s customers come from all industries, with a current focus on IT.


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